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Волонтёры для спасения мишек

13.03.2014 - 22:54

Срочно требуются волонтеры, любящие животных, на проект в Хорватию!
Помоги маленьким медвежатам, которые потеряли родителей по вине человека.
Даты: 25 мая – 06 июня 2014

Description: Current capacities of the bear refuge are full. Thanks to the campaign Land for the bears, certain amount of money has been collected for building new enclosures and renovating old ones. Without more land for the bears, the refuge won't be able to accept new orphan cubs if an unlucky event happens. Bear cubs become orphan due to human mistake (hunting, poaching, taking from mother) or natural causes. Those used to humans have to be removed by killing or moving to the refuge. Being in the refuge, bears represent their species, animate and inspire visitors and volunteers to live and act nature friendly.

Type of Work: Hard physical work: digging, building, moving rocks and materials - building up new enclosures for orphan bear cubs.

Study Theme: Bears, nature, permaculture, sustainable living, climate justice

Accommodation: wooden house with common sleeping room. Outdoor shower powered by solar energy (might be cold in that period). Composting toilets. Good sleeping bag necessary. Mattresses provided. Volunteers cook for themselves. Mostly vegetarian.

Language: English

Requirements: Willing to work hard, simple living conditions, might be rainy, but we'll still work. Please travel lightly, by bus, train, bike :)

Approximate Location: Kuterevo is a small village in the Velebit from around 550 habitants.

Notes: Participation fee contribute to project costs, including food, materials, tools etc. More information about the Refuge atkuterevo.wordpress.com



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