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06.02.2020 - 14:36
35 000 -50 000 net

Copywriter / Content manager 

Tools For Brokers is a software development company, aiming to bring quality and transparency to all market participants.

Recently we launched three new products, that need media support and coverage, we often do interviews of our management, issue product catalogue and standardise commercial offers.

We used to work with three copywriters, mainly based in Britain, but now we feel that we should have a person who will not only write our thoughts but will understand the core point, business idea behind the products and features and will be able to express it in a simple language.

If you are ready for a challenge - transform technical descriptions to a beautiful, simple and clear description - we are excited to welcome you to our team!

You will be in charge of:

— creating a short commercial description of products;
— writing articles about new features of products, describe business cases and how a product can help to solve them;
— compose email marketing letters twice a month;
— bring commercial offers to one format;
— help to prepare brochures for the expos;
— write articles and interviews of Top management;
— update catalogue with new information once in one/two months.


— Excellent English, Advanced level (C1)
— Experience over 1 year
— Experience in working in a similar position in other IT company will be your advantage


— full or part-time job 5/2, flexible working hours, mostly remote 
— European management style;
— Minimum bureaucracy, maximum efficiency
— Bonus, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave
— Adding great international experience

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