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.NET WEB Developer

13.05.2014 - 18:23
2500 Euros Net/Month after Product Completion

.NET WEB Developer.
Seeking a motivated ambitious student looking for a challenge and endless possibilities.
You will be working in a team of 2 to 5 other developers, under the supervision of a senior manager. 

Your task will be one of the following:

  •  Database Setup And Management
  •  Server Coding and testing
  •  Interface Design and Client Side Coding

Correspondingly, our perfect candidate will have strong knowledge in his respective field of choice:

  •  Database Side: SQL, SQL Server, Stored Procedures.
  •  Server Side: ASP.Net, C#, MVC.
  •  Client Side: HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY.

No experience is required. Selection will be done through interview primarily and every individual will be evaluated independently.


  •  Competitive profit share from end product revenue.
  •  Working from home, or wherever the sun shines. No office restrictions.
  •  No official working hours. It's the results that count for us.
  •  Opportunity to join our fast growing team for a full time position.

For interns: 1000 Euros Net/Month after Product Completion.
For Engineers: 2500 Euros Net/Month after Product Completion


Please submit your applications via e-mail to Ms. Yuiko at contact@evervis.com 

Job Page: http://www.evervis.com/engineers/

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